Advances in Technology Have Always Required Advances in Our Collective Maturity 

It is No Different For Advances in Financial Technology

More money for everyone will not make the world a better place unless we come to understand how we all matter.

Our Current Financial Operating System Breeds Inequity 

  • Since 2008 the NASDAQ is up 500%

  • Inflation is up 24%

  • CEO pay is up 600%

  • And the minimum wage remains $7.25

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Our system today breeds an "us against them" mentality. The truth is, that is a lie.
The Myth of the Zero Sum Game
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The economy has never been a zero sum game. Technology advances life for everyone, which is why life is better today than it was 500 years ago.
The potential for our unprecedented progress is extraordinary today.

The Remarkable Spiritual Truth is That God is On Our Side 

If He weren't, we wouldn't stand a chance, we would have been long gone by now.
The irony today is that organized religion often chases people away from God, rather than attracting people to God.