Free Healthcare For All

When a third party calls the shots on the healthcare you receive, whether it is the government or an insurance company, the quality of your care is compromised. So how do we minimize the role that third parties play in managing our care? And how do we ensure basic healthcare for all without bankrupting our nation? One excellent solution is called the American Medical Account (AMA) plan, in which you receive a monthly cash benefit from the government that you choose how to spend.

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Under the AMA plan, you could choose to spend your benefit on health insurance, or join a provider group. The provider would earn the benefit you receive in exchange for taking caring of you.

If you are ever unhappy with your provider, you choose another provider and your benefit goes with you. It’s that simple.

Under this program the government’s role in your healthcare would be minimally invasive: the government would provide your cash benefit and require the minimum standards for the care you receive. Instead of receiving reimbursements on a per-procedure basis, provider groups would receive a steady income from their patients’ plan. Decisions about which test is necessary and which procedure you need would be left to you and your doctor.

The AMA plan would provide basic healthcare for every citizen at little to no cost to the citizen. It would also permit you to buy additional services not covered by your account, thus providing you with more choice and better care at a lower cost than today.

Based upon the current cost of providing medical care, the AMA plan would require funding of $1.6 trillion. Notably, the AMA plan would replace our nation’s current healthcare plan, which would save the nation one trillion dollars. The AMA plan is not possible when taxing income. It is only possible with an alternative tax base such a Payments Tax.

With a Payment Tax, the AMA plan would cost someone earning $100,000 per year just $32 per year - a bargain compared to what we pay for medical care today.