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Scott Smith

Mr. Smith is a founder of companies in numerous markets, including agriculture, finance, education, publishing, and technology.  He is a pioneer in structured finance, originating the first CRE mortgage conduit pool in the nation and securing a billion dollar line of credit from DLJ. He founded the firm that helped structure the financing for Nelson Mandela’s Redevelopment Program, which provided housing for thousands of families.

Mr. Smith is a co-founder of several technology companies and two charter schools in Colorado; Summit Middle School and Peak to Peak K-12 School, which is ranked in the top fifty schools in the nation by Time Magazine and US News & World Report. Mr. Smith also founded Kidz Magazine, a publication that was circulated in more than thirty countries, with a readership in the millions.


Eoghan Jennings

Mr. Jennings founded to provide brands and destinations with bespoke branded entertainment. He joined XING as their fourth employee and CFO, where he was responsible for bringing the company from €100K to €40m in revenue. Mr. Jennings took XING public in 2006. 

Mr. Jennings is known for thinking big and recognizing opportunities before others. He has incredible energy and enthusiasm in all that he pursues. He works relentlessly with entrepreneurs, helping to co-found companies like @sbootcamp & @Health_XL in Dublin, and inspiring confidence and determination by taking personal risks to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Research Team

Our research team gathers, summarizes, draws conclusions from data and generate insights. We are also in charge of social media and public relationship.

Emma Dahl

B.A. in Economics and Political Science at Colorado State University

Taylor Cameron

B.A. in Economics and Business Administration at Colorado State University

Emily Mone

B.A. in International Economics and Business Analytics at the University of Colorado

Cam Upton

B.A. in Economics at Colorado State University