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Our nation's prosperity depends on two important factors

  • Our ability to produce all that we need, and

  • Our ability to buy all that we produce.

Our ability to produce more is not the problem.

The problem is matching the ability of the consumer to buy with our ability to produce.

Basic income would grow the economy.

With a 0.25% payments tax we could eliminate all our other taxes, which would give us extra spending money, and we could afford to pay $24k in basic income to every adult citizen in the nation.

Basic income puts money in the pocket of consumers, increasing demand so the economy can reach its full potential.

Grocery Store.jpeg

A stable retirement.

We could afford to pay senior citizens ages 70 and over $36k per year in basic income.

Basic Income could replace Social Security with a more stable and efficient retirement system.


Earned income credits incentivize work.

With a booming economy, we want people to work, so we should combine basic income with earned income credits.

Note that welfare recipients lose their benefits if they work today, trapping people in a cycle of poverty.

A 0.2% payments tax would generate sufficient revenue to pay the following credits.

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