What the New Operating System Would Mean For You

At the Foundation For a Better Economy we believe its time to upgrade our financial operating system. Modern technology has allowed our nation to build an incredible production engine, but our operating system is holding us back. Remarkably, the solutions on this site appeal to both conservatives and liberals, and they benefit both the rich and poor. True solutions are win-win propositions. We invite you to explore our site, read the book, sign up for news, and leave your comments on our community page.


White Board Video on How a Payments Tax Works


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The New Operating System For the American Economy is an easy read for both the layperson and financial professional. It will leave you feeling optimistic about the future of our nation.


How Congress Could Improve Your Life

Upgrading our operating system would involve a few simple changes to our tax and banking system. Click the wizard button below to see how you'd benefit.

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